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bye bye akb48's Acchan

I guess it's official then...
bye bye akb48's acchan 
hello the solo acchan :)

everytime I see akb48, you'll be missed! 

[review]the moon that embraces the sun

The moon that embraces the sun
I've just finished watching this drama and oh my god!
I'm in love with it soo much!
It's so good...I have to say that it is nearly perfect
(actually for me its perfect! lol)

I like the characters so much!!!
And the protagonists are soooooo perfect...
I love how they also emphasize the youth of the main characters!
I love all the actors+actresses omg!!!

Guys I really recommend this series...drama whatever you call it!!

it's sooo good!!!!
and...sorry guys i really have to give 10/10 for this drama xD

ps. I heard that it was based on the novel...so im looking for the translated of it
unfortunately I only found 6 chapters of it and that's it
apparently, the translator stopped translating it :(
so if anyone know the full version of it please let me know :D THANK YOU!



Man, I still cant believe that Acchan is graduating from akb48 :(

Though I'm not a big fan of akb48 but I like them a lot.
And you cant refuse that every time someone says akb48, Acchan always appears to your head first
Even though she's not my favorite...
I mean for me, she's the fittest to be the center of akb48
Though my main is no.2 and 3 (Yuko and Yukirin)
However, I never expected those two to be able to compete Acchan...

And I actually cried when I was watching the vdo of her announcing her graduating from the group
I have to say I respect her so much
She said she steps out of akb48 so the others can have their own time to shine...
As I listened to her words, I gotta admit that
Not on her appearance is just beautiful...but also is her heart...

She knows that if she stayed in akb longer, she'd always be no.1
and it would be hard...really hard for the others to compete her
since she has huge number of fans...
so she decided to graduate from the group...

like woww....you know she could have stayed in akb48 and be safe cuz she'll always be the center
but she decided to step out...like can you imagine that??

I wonder what will happen in the future of akb48 once Acchan steps out...
and of course I'll be supporting them like before
so let's wait and see about the future?? :D


Nisit Chula

YES!!!! I'm finally part of chulalongkorn University!
The first university in Thailand
The oldest university in Thailand
The most famous university in Thailand!
The most desirable university in Thailand!

I am so proud of myself!
All the hard work I've been through since high school finally paid it off!!!

I will never forget the smiles on my parents' faces when I told them I get accepted!
OMG! I am so happy right now! :D

btw...I'm in faculty of arts major in Language and culture (BALAC)
arts#80 balac#5

Thank you!

Hugo (2011)

HUGO (2011)
"Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton."

I have to say Hugo was one of the movie that I was thrilled to see last year.
Not just because the beautiful scenes in the movie,
but also because Jude law was also in it (yes im a sucha fan girl lol)
I just got a chance to watch it today.
Yes, I've had it in my PC for a long time but I was just too lazy to watch it lol

First of all, I really had quite a high expectation in this movie
since the trailer looks so good.

However, the movie didn't really live my expectation.
Overall, it is a good movie, but I was expecting more.
The story line at the beginning was thrilling about his father and the adventures.
Yet, as the movie moves on, I feel like the story changes their focus.
I thought the movie was supposed to be related with his father (more)
or maybe I was expecting too much of Jude Law??

I mean I can't possibly be the only one who thought so
since the trailer sells so much about Jude Law's name??
Besides we don't really know how his father died??
I was so sure that they will reveal it at the end
I mean he couldn't possibly just die because of a regular fire, right?

ANYWAYS, despite of those complaints, I found this movie's just fine.
I'll say 7 out of 10?
[I really have to take out some points out sorry]

So...yeah that's about it :D
I know I've only been talking about Jude Law but oh well...lol

btw guys HAPPY EASTER :D




and the sad truth is people always expect things....
like I'm expecting to be part of Chulalongkorn University.....


Panita T.

written exam with TU bjm!!

I'm having a written exam with TU bjm this sat!!!

i'm so nervous like seriously!
FYI since I finished high school which was last summer
I haven't touched nor studied anything!!
omg! i think my brain is like dying...literrally!!!

and i'm having a written exam this sat T^T
I needa study right now!! :(

so I did couples of researches about bjm written exam
here is what they do...they usually give you 2 questions.
they're indepedent based on ur opinion.
however, those questions will surely be about journalist and mass media!
(that's my problem cuz i dont really know about that sh*t!)
they give u 3 hrs so 1 hr and a half for each.
(ugh! y 2?? 1question is enuf even toelf and SAT, they only have 1 essay!)
oh yes....u should answer in essay form.

so yeah thats about it?
I have found some old questions which I will practice them tmr!
and no I have no idea what kind of questions will it be this year T^T
it might be about the SOPA and PIPA??
ugh! anyway...FIGHTING!!!

hopefully i will do well this sat!
wish me luck! :D

Atashinchi no Danshi

Just finished 'Atashinchi no Danshi'!!! xD

yayyy!!! it was really good
I mean it was...u know a stereotype jpop drama
its fun and focusing on something else other than love story
it was exactly what I wanted!!!

I was looking for a drama like this
like i needed it after watching 'coffee prince' lol
dont get me wrong I liked coffee prince,too!
but i was a little bit tired of love story
so i needed a drama like this & i found one!!

I was so happy!!!

Maki was sooo cute in this drama
I gotta say that I love every cast in this drama
they r really cute!! xD omg! I just love it!

and ok i'll admit it Im in love withMukai Osamu
i mean he's sooo cute! omg omg omg lol

I actually like other casts,too...i dont even wanna start talking about them
cuz i wont b able to stop! they r too frigging cute!!

anyway...this drama is definitely recommended for some1 who's looking for a relaxing drama
its really nice and funny :D

I'll give 9/10 for this drama!!!
after all its really good ne! xD lol


Chemistry test tmr!!!!

Chemistry test tmr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ps.after chemistry test, then summer skl, after summer skl  =  GRADUATION!!! xD
ur almost there Panita!! Fighting!!! :D
Akanishi family's twitter war lol

so first it started w/ Akanishi Jin wanted to welcome his beloved brother to the twitter

However, his beloved brother wouldnt answer him so he became frustrating lolz

Finally, his beloved brother answered him


DAKARA he decided to have a family meeting and the members of the family is...

This is too hilarious!!

I mean...Jin just makes my day!! like seriously!
he does!!

his tweets r so funny and cute!!
cant stop laughing!

omg omg!! Jin is too cute!! what should i do??? lmao!!!