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officially graduated

hello everyone!
omg I feel like I haven't been around livejournal for ages...which I haven't
I've been busy with my university and everything

but today I just wana share some good news with everyone here
that I....finally....officially.....graduated!!! yayyyyyyyy
which means I now have to start looking for a job...like a full time job

it's kinda scary...but also exciting!

so yeahh just want to share this with everyone here

I don't know if i'll be able to be active much here in terms of doing entries or not
I'm bad at posting stuff

but I mean I have notifications on and everything so you can definitely contact me here
or my twitter I am very active on twitter since it's much eaiser for me and I'm not a massive fan of posting like a real post
if you know what I mean...i'm more of a casual style side lol

I'm aware that the links of my fb and twitter on my links thing on the side of my profile are not working
they're not the ones that I've been using
I'm trying to find a way to edit them
I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've last used livejournal i don't know where to do it but im trying to find it now
anyways....but my twitter is @tib_pnt
and just so you know I talk a lot of stupid things on it so yeah lol
but feel free to catch up with me there it's not locked so yeah :)

that's it for today i guess......so bye guys :D

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