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[REVIEW] Ailee's latest comeback 'U&I'

Ailee's new comeback 'U&I'
(just in case you hacen't seen the live performace watch the video below)

I don't usually fond of live performance of solo singers...
not that I don't appreciate their songs, but their performances are usually boring especially when in the middle of the perf
(I could give some examples, but I'm afraid that my comments will offend some people so I just leave it out)

so the performances of solo artists that capture me are either really catchy song with nice choreography (Hyori's U-go-girl)
or a really great song with fabulous voice (Lee Hi's 1-2-3-4)
few really have both nice choreography pattern and nice voice in them

the latest song that contain both is Lee Hi's Rose the song was fabulous
nice performance, nice voice, the singer doesn't do much in choreography but it suits the song really well

so when I heard of Ailee's new come back I was quite thrilled
I really liked Heaven even though for me it kinda fall in to the category that I mentioned earlier
(nice song but at the middle of the perf it starts to get boring)
So obviuosly I would be excited to see whether this new song will live up my expectation or not

apparently it does!!
U&I is a nice song. It gives us western feel which suits Aillee quite well
(I will mostly focus on the performance of the song: how the song is presented on the stage not the song itself)
In all, U&I gives us an excellent performance and of course I'm not talking about her voice
but how the choreography is done. It's not boring Ailee moves around the stage
and how she engages with the choreography itself is also impressive and I like it :)
The song 'U&I' itself might not be the best ever from Ailee, but with her voice and the choreography, the presentaion
it puts up a great performance :)



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