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some ranting

yes this is just s ranting journal... just warning you guys first 
so today..i was talking to one of my friend in my college

and we were..you know...having fun as usuall?
we were talking about the new MV of g-dragon (crayon)
it was pretty cool

and i was prasing GD (like always cuz u know he's really a genius)
and then i said 
"you know what G-dragon is a musical genius same as JYJ...i think they were born to be artists
they write and compose their own music...God knows how geniues they are"

that friend replied me "yeah but you know i tihnk GD music is better than JYJ music"

ok...lets hear this out...im grown up enough to know that not all people appreciate the same thing
so I kindly asked him that have you listened to JYJ music?
they are in totally different genre of GD tho?

and he couldn't answer my question..but replied with this exact phrase
"I don't know they are not famous anymore"

now you know...yes im grown up enough to understand that people appreaciate different things
but SHIT did he just say that JYJ is not famous anymore??

EXCUSE ME!!!!? who the hell is he to say that?
has he ever realized of how fast the ticket of Junsu concerts were sold out?
or how high is the rating of Jaejoong's dramas?
or how many people in Yuchun's fan meetings?

I mean WHAT THE HELL!!??
seriously...if you don't know anything JUST DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!

I don't wanna be rude or anything...but im really offended im sorry

ok ill just stop it here
sorry guys I hav tons tons of work to finish

my college life is really busy (I though I would have a lot of free time but really...NO *sigh*)
so yeah i'll see you guys around :D
will try to be updated as much as I can

but no promises okay? ;P


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